Sangeeta, a Certified Yoga Instructor and Teacher, has helped her clients transform their lives. While her unparalleled expertise in physical fitness and yoga has made her a highly sought-after trainer, it is her warm, supportive and personalized approach that has inspired her clients to reach goals they never dreamed possible.

Sangeeta brings a unique approach to health, fitness and wellness. Sangeeta integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of wellness. She creates an atmosphere in which her clients reflect not only on their body’s outward appearance but also on their inner consciousness. Her philosophy -- complete mind and body fitness -- is what makes her different from other trainers.

Her focus is on energy. "Everything is energy. Once we realize this and clear the energetic blockages that we have installed in our mind, body and surroundings, we can transform into a higher consciousness of light and love bringing greater peace, joy and health in your day-to-day lives."

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